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Brett Price

Operations, Go-to-Market & Digital Adoption

With over two decades of experience, Brett Price stands at the forefront of technological and operational innovation. As the founder of, he specializes in empowering small to medium-sized enterprises through strategic digital adoption, focusing on AI integration to enhance business efficiency and reduce costs.

Brett's background encompasses a dynamic range of roles, including leading customer-focused sports footwear and apparel businesses, and a formative stint at Ernst & Young, where he honed his skills in finance and business process optimization. His approach combines practical business acumen with a deep understanding of technology, making him adept at translating complex technological solutions into tangible business benefits.

At, Brett's vision is to drive transformative change, helping clients seamlessly integrate AI solutions to streamline operations, boost sales, and foster sustainable growth. His leadership and expertise are instrumental in realizing's commitment to harnessing AI for practical, cost-effective business enhancements.

Brett Price
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