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Helping You Position and Sell Your Products & Services  


Start With Sales Goals.

Work Backwards.

The fastest way to complete a maze is to start at the end and work backwards.  Navigating the market can be equally as daunting, so take the same approach.  


A Go-to-Market (GTM) Plan is a comprehensive strategy that defines how a company will sell its products or services to end customers. GTM consulting, therefore, involves helping businesses:

  • Understand the Market: Conduct market research to gauge the opportunity, understand competitors and identify customer segments (and pick one). 

  • Position the Product or Service: Position products/services to meet the specific customer needs in the targeted market and differentiate from competitors.

  • Determine the Sales and Distribution Strategy: Determine how your product or service will be sold (e.g., direct sales, channel partners, online platforms) and at what price point.

  • Marketing and Promotion: Defining your marketing mix — the channels, tactics, and campaigns that will be used to promote the product or service.

  • Customer Engagement and Support: A successful GTM strategy must acquire and retain customers using strategies for customer onboarding, support, and relationship management.

  • Feedback and Iteration: Post-launch, gather data and feedback to refine and adjust the GTM strategy as necessary.

Image by Jonny Gios
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