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Kyle Ancelin

Team, Growth Strategies & Sales Systems

Kyle Ancellin is a distinguished sales leader with over 23 years of experience in advancing sales practices and building dominant sales teams. As the Fractional Vice President of Sales at Sales Xceleration and President of Sales Evolution, he specializes in driving substantial revenue growth and managing large sales teams. His tenure at Cintas as the Director of Sales for the Northwest Region was marked by significant achievements, including consistently exceeding sales targets and growing the business to over $100 million.

Kyle's expertise encompasses developing world-class sales strategies, from recruitment and training to creating compelling compensation plans. He has a proven track record of fostering high-performing sales environments, demonstrated by his success in leading and promoting numerous sales professionals to advanced roles. His transformational leadership style and results-driven approach position him as a key asset for businesses looking to scale their sales operations to new heights.

In additional to collaborating on projects for AIQgroup he serves as the President of Sales Evolution and has a proven track record of driving sales growth. His expertise aligns well with the services offered by, by using his 20+ years experience to help sales teams adopt the latest proven sales growth strategies, and to adopt new AI tools to give sales teams the edge that they need to succeed in a challenging business landscape.

Kyle Ancelin
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