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Blake Price

Sports Media, Advertising & Sponsorships

Blake Price is a dynamic play-by-play announcer with Major League Soccer on Apple TV, a role he has embraced since February 2023. His extensive experience in sports journalism is further highlighted by his role as a co-founder, host, and content creator at since April 2021. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Blake combines his on-air talent with skills in corporate communications, leadership, social media marketing, and media production.

Previously, Blake served as a Radio Host at TSN - The Sports Network in Canada for over 15 years, where he was the voice of Canucks Hockey and co-hosted the midday show. His earlier tenure as a Sports Anchor at CTV and as an Anchor at TSN's Sportscentre adds to his distinguished career in sports media.

Educationally, Blake is grounded with a Broadcast Journalism diploma from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and a BA in English Language and Literature from The University of British Columbia. His expertise offers a unique blend of media savvy and engaging storytelling, making him a valuable asset to the team.

Blake Price
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